There is a huge selection of festivals, shows, fairs, music sounds and colours that follow on, one after the other, and animate the squares and alleyways of the town. There is something for everyone and you can’t help but get involved. If you look at the calendar you will be amazed to see such a variety of events. They are organized by the town council, the Pro Loco and the associations. There are lots of reasons to celebrate. One is to remember the past and revitalize old traditions. Another is the pleasure of getting together with the locals but also with the tourists.

The events don’t all look to the past. The Festival delle Nazioni has become an international occasion. The Antique Book Fair is well known for its high quality contents. The Horse Show is one of the most important in Italy. Then there is the Christmas Crib Exhibition, Tiferno Comics (dedicated to Lupo Alberto), the Concorso Musicale Zingarelli etc. A historical atmosphere to successfully created when the Historic Crafts Day, the Goose competition and the cross-bow contest are staged. Then there are the religious events, such as, the Good Friday Procession and the donation of the candle on the patron saints day.

Not to be forgotten are the markets and fairs such as the cattle fair that has again become a tradition as it was in the past. Excellent local produce can be enjoyed at the rural festivals that follow old, country traditions. The truffle is to be considered the” king” of the kitchen in this respect. The White Truffle Festival that takes place in November in the squares and alleyways of the town centre is just the last of a series of shows dedicated to this first-class product. So there are events for everyone that continue all year and go from the traditional to the contemporary. You can choose for yourself .


Concorso Nazionale Musicale “Zangarelli”

21° Edizione – prima quindicina di Maggio 2019

Festival delle Nazioni

51° Edizione – Omaggio alla Repubblica Ceca – 25 agosto/7 settembre 2018

Mostra Mercato Nazionale del Libro Antico e Stampa Antica

18° Edizione – 31 agosto/2 settembre 2018

Premio Letterario “Città di Castello”

12° Edizione – 27 ottobre 2018

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