Raphael was born in Urbino, Marche, in 1483, a period of great splendour for the city because of the lively cultural activity promoted by the court of Federico da Montefeltro.
Since his father died when he was 11, Raphael appeared as an independent master in Città di Castello in December 1500, at the age of seventeen. On 10 December 1500, he signed the contract for the great Coronation of St Nicholas and, in just four years, received the commission for three more works. Shortly, commuting between Città di Castello and Perugia, Raphael accomplished a prodigious process of assimilation and acculturation, showing from the first moment an extraordinary mastery of drawing, learnt in a confident though elastic attendance of Pietro Perugino’s workshop.
His first works in Città di Castello – the Coronation of St. Nicholas of Tolentino, the Banner of the Holy Trinity and the Gavari Crucifixion – are full of unripe memories of the Urbino tradition alongside reinterpretations of the Perugia tradition and innovations from the Florentine scene. At the end of his Umbrian career (1504), he achieved results of impressive modernity in the Marriage of the Virgin, a masterly fusion of an evolved perspective representation of space with a natural narrative of the expressions and movement of the figures. A turning point that represented the completion of his creative youth, projecting Raphael towards the new challenges of Florence and Rome.
The exhibition is an opportunity to retrace the first steps of the young artist’s activity through an analysis of his works and a comparison with the ones of the artists who inspired him.


Raffaello Giovane a Città di Castello e il suo sguardo
Città di Castello, Pinacoteca comunale
October 30, 2021 – January 9, 2022

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