Food and Wine

Food and tradition.
Together with history, art and the environment, gastronomy has acquired a progressively growing role in forming a “tourist” identity of a place. What is called Altotevere, Alta Valle del Tevere, Valtiberina,  our territory, is successfully claiming its peculiarity between the numerous and very different group of municipalities in Umbria. Our recipe book is a very interesting sample of different influences, that being a frontier country has given us through the centuries.

If it is true that we are what we eat, we owe a lot to the forced frugality of our ancestors and to their imagination in making treasure of every gift of nature. Wellness is not necessarily combined with waste but with a conscious and respectful consumption of what surrounds us. We have articulated the recipes according to the classic Italian sequence: first courses, second courses and desserts. Where good and healthy are two sides of the same coin, or if you want, of the same recipe.