Food and tradition.
Together with history, art and environment, gastronomy has acquired a growing role in Città di Castello identity.
Our territory, the Upper Tiber Valley, is claiming its peculiarity among the different municipalities of Umbria Region.

Our land was, and now is, a frontier and a place of passage through centuries, regions and people.

Take a look at the special recipes of our land, a cuisine that comes from its ancient and rare traditions.

We are what we eat… we owe a lot to the forced frugality of our ancestors and to their imagination in making treasure out of every gift of nature. Wellness is not necessarily combined with waste but with a conscious and respectful consumption of what surrounds us. We have articulated the recipes according to the classic Italian sequence: first courses, second courses and desserts. Where taste and health are two sides of the same coin or, if you want, of the same recipe.

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Pheasant with white grapes

Season pheasant and add a few sage leaves. Stuff it completely with green grapes and […]

Artichoke flan

Clean the artichokes, cut into wedges and submerge into the water flavoured with a little […]

‘Cappelletti’ in broth

Put the meat in a saucepan, add the salt and butter and cook over moderate […]

Tasty soup with bread

Leave the beans to soak for about 8 hours, then cook the them with celery […]

Truffle flavoured pheasant

First pluck and clean the pheasant and wash the bird under running water. Put salt, […]

‘Tagliatelle’ with goose sauce

Sauté in a pan, with five tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, finely chopped herbs, […]

Woodcock ‘crostini’

Remove woodcock’s innards and put them in a pan with some chicken liver and add […]

Wild boar with salmì sauce on ‘crostino’

Marinate small chunks of wild boar in water and wine for about twelve hours. Sear […]

Grilled quail on ‘crostone’, thick slice of bread, with salmì sauce

Flame grill the quail, adding salt and pepper and stuff with garlic, some juniper berries, […]

Roast goose ‘imporchettata’, garlic and fennel stuffing

Thoroughly clean the goose. Coat the outside of the goose with lard mixed with salt, […]

Roasted ‘polenta’

Clean the liver and cut about 30 grams into pieces. Cut the pork fat netting […]

Homemade ‘tagliolini’ with minced vegetables and beans

Boil the beans in a pan until half cooked. In another pan of salted water, […]

‘Polenta’ in mutton ragu sauce

Wash the meat with white wine, let drain, dry with a cloth and then grind. […]

‘Polenta lasagne’ with mushroom and sausage filling

To make the white truffle filling, mix the chopped fungi in a pan with olive […]

Homemade ‘tagliatelle’ in a bean sauce

Sauté in a pan oil, celery, onion and carrot. Add the tomato passata, pinto beans, […]

Fiore d’autunno – a traditional pie

With a slice of bread make a round shape with a hole in the middle […]

Pumpkin Sauce

Peel the pumpkin and cut it into cubes, put these in a pot and add […]

Cabbage rolls stuffed with ‘porcini’ mushrooms

Take 14 blanched cabbage leaves, drain (put the cabbage water to one side) and dry […]